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Who We Are…

Jenine lives with her husband and 4 dogs in the Independent Hill area of Northern Virginia. Dog activities of choice include hiking through the 10 acres of woods competing in dock diving, flyball, nosework, and rally obedience.

Formal education and experience in consulting, K-12 education, adult learning, human and animal psychology, shapes the approach of J9&K9s. First and foremost, we listen and deliver what is most important to you, the client. Some clients reach their goal in a single session through the help of expert observation and targeted coaching. For those new to dog ownership, or those with more complex challenges and goals, we look holistically at people, family, and environment to help dogs fit (and thrive) in our human world.

The training philosophy of J9&K9s emphasizes positive training methods first and foremost. We understand how to use the “carrot and the stick” – but also understand that people need to feel good about their own training methods. Debates continue over the “best” way to train a dog. We believe that the best way is the way that works best for you and your dog.

Our approach keeps your dog motivated and eager to work with you while encouraging 100% compliance. Above all – we encourage fun. Training new skills while extinguishing unwanted behavior should be fun and rewarding for everyone. Evaluation of temperament, behavior, potential, and performance keeps focus on what the dog “is” as well as what the dog “can do.” Breed, age, or history are considered when developing a training plan; however, a dog is never limited based on stereotype or previous environment. One dog’s journey might be longer than another’s, but every destination can be reached.

Will you see immediate results when training? Not always. We will make immediate changes to manage a dog in it’s environment to ensure health and safety for everyone.

In a world where we have come to expect results with a push of a button, we must remember that lasting results come as we commit time and effort to develop trust and confidence.

Over time (usually 5-7 weeks) owners report developing a solid communication, understanding, and significant change in their dog (and sometimes themselves!). This is why we do what we do.


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